We are business‑​​​​savvy geeks.

We work with startups and global enterprises to build beautiful products and launch successful businesses.

We are problem solvers.

We work with the world's best companies to solve tough problems, fast.

We are industry experts, and language agnostics.

We choose our tools based on your business requirements, not the other way around.

We are digital craftspeople.

Your business idea plus our unique skills equals your happy customers.

We pride ourselves on building long‑term, fruitful relationships with our clients.

"When we launched our subscription service, anything was possible. Pixie Labs helped Taylor St understand the problem, distill the solution and implement a system that reflected our commercial and technical requirements quickly and within budget."

Richard Shaer
Richard Shaer

CEO, Taylor St Baristas

for clients

Apps, platforms, online stores, internet-connected typewriters: we've built them all.

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for kicks

We're not all work and no play! Some Fridays we down tools and make our own things, or write code for the open-source community.

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About us

Embracing change allows us to build the right product, at the right time, for the right audience, even when plans change. Get to know us, and you'll understand how we do this.

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