Wine Cloud

Vending technology for the modern wine business.

Pixie Labs loves wine and technology, so we were delighted to work on a project at the intersection of both.

The Challenge

Traditional wine preservation systems rely on card readers to let customers self-pour. The hardware is cutting edge but the user experience hasn’t changed in a decade. Modern wine merchants need an edge in an increasingly competitive marketplace, and we set out to create this edge.

Our Solution

Pixie Labs built Wine Cloud: a hardware and software platform that connects wine dispensers to consumers via an app, and gives retailers a direct relationship with their customers. Every pour, rating and purchase is linked to a user profile, recording a wealth of information about the preferences and habits of the market, and creating unique upsell and cross-sell opportunities that last long after the first taste.

What happened to it?

WineCloud was demonstrated two years in a row a ProWein, the second-largest wine trade show in the world. Hundreds of wine makers, experts and buyers tried and loved WineCloud.

We also ran two experimental pop-up wine tasting bars using WineCloud, and the customer feedback was excellent.

We learned a lot about wine retail, how people interact with technology to discover wine, and how much harder it is to make products that interact with physical objects!

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