Friday Kicks

We love the industry we work in and contribute back to the community every chance we get by releasing open-source software, speaking at meetups, and supporting diversity in tech.

Since day one, we’ve dedicated thousands of hours to exploring new libraries, writing open-source code, and coming up with fun and creative solutions to interesting problems. We see this as an ongoing investment in ourselves and the wider community to encourage creative thinking, collaboration and inclusion.

We’ve developed a number of in-house projects to make our lives easier and more fun. Some of our Friday Kicks include end-to-end encrypted messaging for the browser, an app to find ‘Tweet storms’ in your timeline, and a service to monitor your electricity bill automatically and track spend across multiple accounts.


Estimate agile projects and have fun doing it

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Create meal plans that save you money, time and leftovers!

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A lit reminder of the people in your world.

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Track Tweetstorms posted by people you’re interested in

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The Slack Bot that locates teammates by social media activity.

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Send & receive secure messages in the browser.

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