Word by Word

Digital art installation for Shakespeare's Globe to mark the anniversary of #Shakespeare400.

To mark 400 years since Shakespeare’s death in 1616, Pixie Labs was approached to bring last year’s ‘Powered by Tweets’ #WordByWord installation back to life. However, instead of typing Alice in Wonderland, our 30+ year old Smith Corona typewriter would face the daunting task of typing the complete works of Shakespeare, sonnets and all, which is over a million words long.  Once again, every word was powered by a Tweet, but unlike Alice in Wonderland – which was typed from start to finish in a matter of days – this task took over 6 months.

Visitors were encouraged to help the typewriter out when it gets stuck on a word by Tweeting the word with the hashtag #TheCompleteTweets. You could also follow its progress live on Twitter by following the account @CompleteTweets.

#wordbyword was originally conceptualised by Hiveworks for Twitter’s #PoweredByTweets exhibition at Somerset House last year as part of London Design Festival. Thanks to Shape Construction for the new plinth and to Shakespeare’s Globe for their help and willingness to look after our somewhat temperamental bundle of wires and springs.

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