Taylor St Delivered

Bespoke coffee subscription platform for London's best cafés.

Pixie Labs partnered with Taylor St to design, build and launch a premium coffee subscription experience tailored around customers’ personal preferences, brewing equipment and drinking habits.

Our role:

Digital strategy, service design, user experience, design, software development, and support.


Ruby on Rails | PostgreSQL | Heroku | React | Spree e-commerce framework | Stripe

The challenge:

Taylor St Baristas is a brand with several prestigious locations in central London and New York. They came to us with the ambition to take a significant step forward by adding an online sales dimension to its customer proposition.

We were asked to create a premium e-commerce channel that complemented Taylor St’s bricks-and-mortar retail presence. A service that selected and curated the coffee that each Taylor St customer would like most and delivered it to their door.

They needed a technology partner who understood what mattered to them most, helped them to navigate the digital landscape and delivered a solution that brought their offering into the digital world.

How we met it:

At Pixie Labs, when customers come to us with an idea, we look at their business proposition with an expert and constructively critical eye and suggest the direction that should be taken to maximise the value of that idea to their business.

That value will come in different shapes, depending on an individual business’s needs and the direction it is looking to take. We pride ourselves on being pro-active and creative problem solvers. In the first phase of the project we dived into the requirements from their customers’ perspectives. We took a detailed look at their different user personas and customer needs while also maintaining a focus on the business’s metrics for success.

We then evaluated different technology options to ensure we were using the right tools for the job to minimise risk while delivering a lean product that focused on maximising value for their customers. The iterative build process incorporated early user feedback to ensure the right product was built, on time and within budget.

The end product – Taylor St Delivered – is an innovative retail experience that selects the perfect beans for each subscriber, based on the customer’s preferences and the brewing equipment they possess.

The bespoke platform includes A/B testing for e-commerce optimisation and a machine-learning algorithm for product selection. It also features dispatch and roast prediction, and deeply integrated support tools, which ensure a premium customer service that echoes the brand’s values.

The end result? Taylor St reported a year-on-year growth in sales of more than 200% in the 12 months after the launch of its online subscription capability.

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“When we launched our subscription service, anything was possible. Pixie Labs helped Taylor St understand the problem, distill the solution and implement a system that reflected our commercial and technical requirements quickly and within budget.”

Richard Shaer
Richard Shaer

CEO, Taylor St Baristas

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