Combining human thinking and machine learning to speed up innovation

The challenge:

Qiark’s goal is to answer the world’s most challenging commercial, socio-political and scientific problems. The idea behind Qiark is to unlock intractable problems by harnessing crowd wisdom, through a series of compelling digital and social interactions. They needed a technology partner that could bring their ambitious vision to life.

How we met it:

Qiark distils vast amounts of unstructured ideas by combining intelligent feedback loops and machine learning. This gives organisations an invaluable way to harness the power of collective intelligence for better, faster decision-making. We designed, developed and launched a lean customer-centric MVP in just eight weeks that transformed 2,500 ideas into actionable insights on it’s first run.

Our role:

Digital strategy, service design, user experience, design, software development, research, rapid prototyping and support.


Ruby on Rails | PostgreSQL | Amazon Web Services | Sidekiq | Ansible | Capistrano | React | StimulusJS | MJML | Bulma | Highcharts | CircleCI | Metabase


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It was a great honour to work with the Pixie Labs team, and the sense that they were as committed to our innovation as we were, was totally justified in the dedication and skill they brought to the task. The delight we feel is now being reflected even more intensely by our users, and we look forward to working with Pixie Labs again.

Mark Ricketts
Mark Ricketts


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