Bespoke e-commerce platform to support the launch of a new pet food brand.

Pixie Labs partnered with Butcher’s Pet Care to design, build and launch a bespoke e-commerce platform for their new cat food brand.

Our role:

Digital strategy, service design, user experience, design, software development, and support.


Ruby on Rails | PostgreSQL | Headless e-commerce with Moltin | NextJS | Material UI | Heroku

The challenge:

Blink is a premium pet food brand for discerning cat owners that care about the quality of ingredients and the health of their pets. The brand understands that cats are more than pets; they are part of the family. They wanted to launch an online sales channel that echos this while providing an easy and engaging way for customers to order healthy meal plans for their cats.

How we met it:

Blink gives customers complete peace of mind that their feline friends get a tailored, healthy meal without fail. The user-centric design ensures a personal, effortless experience for customers, while a bespoke warehouse system maximises operational efficiencies and facilitates excellent customer service and support.

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