Blink! Subscriptions

Disrupting the pet food market with a personalised, direct-to-consumer experience

The challenge:

Blink is ambitious. They’re on a mission to disrupt and forever change the pet food industry. How? By making it easy for cat owners that share their values around quality and trust to buy complete, balanced and nutritious meals for their feline friends. Blink set out to create the first cat food subscription service in the UK and needed a partner that could help them bring their vision to life.

How we met it:

Working closely with the Blink team we deep-dived into their customers’ needs, habits and aspirations to create a direct-to-consumer experience that matched the exceptional quality of their product. The e-commerce platform we designed, developed and launched is a critical component in driving brand loyalty and revenues for one of the fastest growing cat food brands in the UK.

Our role:

Digital strategy, service design, user experience, design, software development, and support.


Ruby on Rails | PostgreSQL | Headless e-commerce with Moltin | NextJS | Material UI | Heroku

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The best part about working with the Pixie Labs team is their ability to apply their lean methodology to our business priorities. The result is customer value delivered at an incredible speed. They are passionate about what they do and collaborative in their approach - always wanting to deliver the best possible solution.

Ben Ford
Ben Ford

Founder & GM

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