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If you believe that digital products have incredible potential to be sustainable drivers of growth in your business you’re in good company. We’re passionate about the value they create.

We’re a product development studio, but our purpose isn’t to develop digital products. It’s to help you meet your challenges to give you an edge on your competition. And do so in a way that minimises our output while maximising the outcome and impact for you, your customers and your employees.

‘Concept to customer in three months’ thinking originated from a pattern we observe in most of the product solutions we’ve built. Focusing on the tangible value you can deliver to your end-users in three months or less ensures you’re meeting the most important needs of your users.

How do we do it? Our secret (which is not so secret) is that we build lean solutions that solve the right problem exceptionally well.

Working incrementally to three-month goals that align with your wider business strategy means you get the right results faster, you can control costs better and you can respond quickly to change.

Our Services
Define and measure how your digital products support your business goals
Mitigate delivery risks and maximise the value you deliver to your customers
Build & Launch
Build just the right amount to delight your customers and learn where to focus next
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The Team
Philip Olivier

Philip Olivier

Managing Director

Curious about people and products. Amateur chef.

David Somers

David Somers


Software engineer, Rails and Node.js aficionado, tinkerer and thinker.

Jonathan Andrews

Jonathan Andrews


Coder, neuroscience nerd and Attenborough enthusiast.

Peter MacRobert

Peter MacRobert


Advisor, consultant, coder and tea-maker.

Skaidra Bakė

Skaidra Bakė

Junior Developer

Self-taught programmer; also passionate about dancing, music and analogue photography.

All work and all play.

We love learning through experimentation and helping others on their learning journey. So on the last Friday of each month we down tools to play with new tech (check out our Friday Kicks projects) and to help budding software engineers develop their skills at our Mentoring Office Hours.

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