Digital Portfolio

Products we’ve helped others to make

Taylor St. Baristas

Taylor St. Baristas

Bespoke coffee subscription platform for London’s best cafés.

Product design, UX, React, Ruby on Rails, Spree, PostgreSQL, Heroku

Technology and art installation

Word By Word

Digital art installation for Shakespeare's Globe to mark the anniversary of #Shakespeare400.

CAD, electronics design, Node.js, IoT, Arduino, C, Ruby on Rails, Heroku, Twitter streaming API

Bespoke technology installation


#PoweredByTweets interactive art exhibition for Twitter at the 2015 London Design Festival, Somerset House.

Design, electronics design, CAD, Twitter API, Node.js, IoT, Arduino, C, Ruby on Rails, Heroku, AWS

Bespoke technology installation

Newseum Mobile

A bespoke installation for The Times Cheltenham Literature Festival.

Visual design, Android app development, Node.js, IoT, Ruby on Rails, Heroku, AWS

Our own products

Wine Cloud

Self-pour wine tasting and rating system for merchants, bars & shops.

Visual design, hardware integration, mobile app UX & development, IoT, Arduino, C, Node.js, Ruby, AWS


An integration testing framework for React Native, released as open source software.

JavaScript, testing, React, React Native


A tool to help you track Tweetstorms posted by people you’re interested in.

Design, UX, Ruby on Rails, SASS, Heroku, Twitter API


A web app that creates word clouds from Twitter timelines.

Design, Ruby on Rails, Heroku, Twitter API


The Slack Bot that locates team by social media activity.

Design, HCI bot framework, Ruby on Rails, Heroku, Slack API, PostgreSQL, Memcache, OAuth, Heroku


A never-ending stream of animated gifs beamed straight into your brain.

Design, UX, Ruby on Rails, Node.js, jspm, gulp, SASS, ES6, Heroku, AWS

Tagstar V8

Turbo-charge your social engagement with Tagstar V8: a competition platform for Instagram.

Design, UX, Ruby on Rails, Heroku, Instagram API


The safe way to manage your company’s Twitter accounts.

Design, UX, Ruby on Rails, Fastspring payments, Heroku, PostgreSQL


Send & receive secure messages easily using public/private key encryption in your browser.

Rapid prototyping, cryptography, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, Heroku

Energy Bill Calculator

Take the hassle out of switching energy provider by calculating your exact kWh usage.

Rapid prototyping, Ruby on Rails, Heroku, PhantomJS, PostgreSQL


Colour codes with meaning.

Rapid prototyping, visual design, Google n-gram dataset, JavaScript